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Reduce the cost of international logistics by adjusting the supply chain structure and selecting logistics suppliers

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First, a reduction in transportation costs must be achieved where reasonable. What is a reasonable situation? It must be ensured that procurement, production and sales are in a low-risk, normal and stable state. Since a large number of quantitative data analysis methods involving supply chain management are too complicated, they are not suitable for general trade customers, and interested friends can understand by themselves. The following are three aspects of how to reduce the cost of logistics transportation in the case of rising international logistics prices: adjusting the structure of the supply chain, re-selecting logistics suppliers and long-term cooperation with logistics suppliers.

Adjust the supply chain structure. In the existing supply chain structure, analyze the proportion of internal and international logistics costs, judge the trend of external logistics market, and analyze according to short-term and long-term conditions. If the international logistics market experiences short-term price fluctuations due to small probability events, there is no need to change the mature and complete supply chain structure.

If the international logistics market undergoes permanent changes in logistics prices due to high probability events, the supply chain structure will inevitably be adjusted. For example, the occurrence of the global new crown pneumonia epidemic. For large-scale core manufacturing industries, suppliers can adopt a tracking strategy and build factories for supply at the location of customers; for small and medium-sized manufacturing industries, they can only passively select some raw material suppliers with small logistics radius, and do not cross borders. The risks of re-structuring the supply chain include raw material quality, production capacity and accounting cycles. The stability of the supply chain before the adjustment needs to be measured, compared and finally selected with the new structure that reduces the cost of international logistics after the adjustment.

Re-select logistics providers. When an enterprise chooses to adjust the supply chain structure strategy, the result will inevitably change the original supply path of materials, parts and products, and it is necessary to re-plan logistics plans, re-select logistics suppliers, and need to re-adjust transportation methods, transportation timeliness and storage. Before selecting the structure, it is necessary to organize and analyze all the collected storage logistics data, judge the cost-efficiency ratio of the new supplier and the old supplier, and form visual data. One is to reduce the adjustment risk, and the other is to use the data to reduce differences. , decide whether to meet the expectations, if not, continue to adjust until the predetermined plan is completed.

Long-term cooperation with international logistics providers. After selecting a reasonable supply chain structure and adjusting logistics suppliers, maintain a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with logistics suppliers, the purpose is to accumulate credit, for example, new cooperative suppliers will not provide accounts for new customers for no reason, but After long-term cooperation, the two parties will provide long-term account support on the basis of mutual trust. The secondary purpose is that long-term cooperation can sign long-term price agreements, even lock in transportation costs, reduce price fluctuations in international logistics, and ultimately ensure long-term stability of the supply chain.

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